Living In The Moment

Living In The Moment

Elizabeth Rose Cunningham


Looking at the pictures on this page, smiling, remembering when my husband, Dave, and I had so much fun on this day at the beach. We only had one day, so we stayed in a hotel with a view of the ocean from our balcony. Before we went to sleep, we stood on the balcony with our arms wrapped around each other, absorbing the sounds of the ocean and the beauty of the night.

In the sleepy morning hours, we awoke to the crashing of the waves, seagulls, the early morning sounds of the beach, savoring every moment; soft words spoken, the breeze, smells, sounds of our beautiful surroundings. With only one special day, we paused to reflect on what we were about to discover, saying to each other, …….Find the rest of this story here



As an author and inspirational speaker, it is Elizabeth’s heart and ministry to help others experience life-changing transformation. Elizabeth is our Author Showcase in this edition of FOF. Contact Elizabeth on FB Messenger at Elizabeth Rose Cunningham or FB page: Live Your Life HEALTHY

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