Answering the Question: What do I Want in Life?

Answering the Question: What do I Want in Life?

By Katryna Johnson


Often, it’s hard to figure out what you really want in your life. I mean, I get it. It’s hard to decide what to have for dinner, much less what you want your life to look like. Your life gets so busy, you get so distracted, you don’t take time to stay in touch with what you really want, what really satisfies and excites you. You settle for convenience, you accept “okay” or “good enough” instead of “great,” you let fear and uncertainty stand in the way.

Not today. Today, you are going to allow yourself to dream, to think big, to really get in touch with WHAT YOU WANT. And not only What, but WHY. Here are three steps to help you get started.

Step one: Answer the following three questions just as fast and as completely as you can. Get into a “stream of consciousness” zone if you can. Just write WHATEVER comes to mind without filtering.

Question 1: What is missing in my life right now is …

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