Becoming a speaker

5-Step Formula to Becoming a Speaker

You don’t have to be a celebrity. You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable or have the most charisma in the world to be a dynamic speaker. What you need is a message others want to hear, confidence in yourself, and a little bit of business smarts.

Here’s a solid 5-step formula to get you on stage.

Acronym: S-P-E-A-K

S – Select a Problem to Solve – be specific, know why it is a problem for your audience. What are the common causes, what are the common symptoms/results they experience because they have this problem. What are their pain points?

P – Prepare Your Talk – Identify the problem – remind them of the pain points – and explain the causes. Then offer the solution, use an illustrative story of someone or group who has used your solution and gotten the result the audience wants. Offer your solution at least three times in three different ways.

Practice, practice, practice

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