Bloom, Blooming, Blossom

As the Japanese Magnolia blossoms open and I witness spring ever so quietly approaching, I graciously welcome the warmer weather and cool breezes that she brings.  Throughout my daily routine I watch the color pallet of my surroundings change from greens and grays to pinks and reds, and I am ever so subtlety reminded of the newness and freshness of life.

Spring excites me. It truly is my favorite season. Yet, I know many who do not because she also brings havoc to the allergy sufferers. As you’ve probably guessed I tend to see things differently. Although my eyes may get watery and I tend to sneeze more often than normal, I still love the colors of the flowers, the warmth of the sunshine, and welcome the transition from the cold and dreary winter.

bloom blooming blossom

To me, as one who focuses on the silver lining, I like to think that life is like this season. As I pass the budding trees and shrubs, I realize that although we may experience discomfort, watery eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing and so forth during this time of year, we also have the joy of watching life unfold before our very eyes. We see the dead come to life as spring proclaims her victory of defeat to old man winter. We relish the warmer temperatures and seek to be out in her elements.

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