Craving something different?

Craving something different?
Tired of stories you can’t relate to?
Sick of mainstream women’s magazines that don’t understand you?
Annoyed by all the advice articles which don’t provide helpful and actionable tips?
We know how you feel. That’s why our CEO and founder Michelle Bryant – an award-winning photographer, serif published author, artist and graphic designer with over three decades of experience quit working main stream in order to change the focus and mindset of women across the globe.
Focus on Fabulous magazine is about everyday women living extraordinary lives, about today’s woman and her struggles to juggle career, family, self and sanity.
We tackle tough topics such as domestic violence and divorce, meditation and mindset, self-love and self-loathing and include interviews with powerhouse women who have overcome incredible odds with stories you can relate to, be motivated by and learn from.
Yes, we talk about the good, bad and ugly – but we pull back the veil to expose the silver lining and sparkle that’s not too deeply hidden.
Does this sound like a movement in which you’d like to take part? Then email, and we’ll send you a FREE digital copy of our magazine directly to your inbox.
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