These questions were perfectly timed. With school starting, many parents are reviewing and contemplating the academic future of their children. Each year, the constant changing and transitioning from grade to grade, as each student continues to develop, causes many parents to worry about what is best for their child. Here are just two questions sent to Dr. Simm.


Beverly from San Antonio, TX asked, “What signs would alert a parent or teacher that a child might be dyslexic rather than some other reading problem? What steps would a parent to take if he/’s she suspected this sort of problem?”


Mike from Dallas, TX asked, “Is dyslexia just with numbers, letters (words) either individually or does it have to be both?”


These are both great questions when it comes to our children, ourselves, and our education system. Dyslexia seems to be a hot topic these days; fortunately, research has been done for decades. For years there was a lot of discrepancy in the research. Dyslexia was thought to be a boy’s learning disability; however, research shows that girls are equally affected by dyslexia. The discrepancy between the diagnoses and the prevalence of dyslexia………..

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