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Are looking for the perfect way to express your appreciation or love towards someone? What makes their world go 'round? We will create a one of a kind piece that they will love and cherish for years to come. Made to order for any theme or subject. Wicke Works creates beautiful custom art on reclaimed wood; enhanced with bright colorful metallic foil with the recipient in mind. Each is presented as a surprise gift reveal and can be gift wrapped to enhance the gift-giving experience for all of those involved. Sizes vary 12x11in.- 3ftx6ft or larger.

$55 • Size approx. 12 X 18 in.
$85 • Size approx. 18 X 24 in.
$175 • Size approx. 24 X 36 in.
$250 • Size approx. 42in. X 36 in. or larger
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