Finding our balance

Giving to one’s self is much like going to the well.  In modern times we tend to take water for granted until and unless we are thirsty or dirty, or hot and parched.  But water, literal water, is plentiful for us and generally no further away than the nearest faucet.  But consider the well of our grandparents with its bucket or hand pump.  Recall the wells of the ancients where the source of water for one was the source of water for all and treks to the communal well were difficult yet needfully frequent.

finding our balance

The well, of any size and in any age, provides water for cooking, for bathing, for drinking.  The water is necessary for life and will be obtained at any cost.   Wars have been fought over it and entire civilizations have crumbled to dust for want of it.   Yet, for the most part, we give it no more notice than the air we breathe.

It is in taking the well for granted that we risk it running dry.  And it is from lack of water from the well that each of us will wither and will die……

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