It’s our birthday

It’s our birthday. Celebrate all month long.

My husband teases me because I celebrate my birthday the entire month of July. Well, why shouldn’t I?

First off, let me explain. When my husband and I started dating, my birthday fell on a Wednesday. The Saturday prior he held a party for me at his house and invited some of our friends. Four days later was my actual “date of birth” so we went to dinner, I received phone calls and so forth. Three days later, the following Saturday, my mother had a party for me with family and friends. My husband often chuckles and says, “Don’t be upset if I don’t remember your actual birthday date. Your birthday lasted an entire week.”

Growing up the oldest of eight siblings, my birthday was always special for me. My brothers and sisters would bring me drawings and things they’d created just for me. Sometimes they would make me breakfast in bed and usually decorated a chair at the head of the dinner table for ‘the birthday girl” and so forth. I looked forward to my birthday because it was a day out of the year I wasn’t expected to be the giver, the glue, the leader, but more the receiver. The day was all about me and who doesn’t enjoy a little spoiling now and then? It was a welcome break form my normal routine and responsibilities as the oldest.

But now I am married, a grandmother and sixty is fast approaching, so why am I still celebrating my birthday? Let alone, celebrating it for an entire month? People often tell me, “Oh no, I just want to get mine over with.” Or, “I quit having birthdays years ago.” I’ll be honest, I never really understood that mentality. To me, you’d think, the closer you are to the grave, the happier you’d be to be celebrate every day you have in the present. But then, I’m the person who celebrates something every day. I truly believe that there is magic in every day and we should seek it.

Yes, my birthday is this week and yes, I celebrate every day as the special gift that it is but for the month of July, I embrace my purpose in this world, my presence in the lives of those I know, and I truly enjoy sharing this time to celebrate me, to the absolute fullest with others. After all, one day I won’t be here and there will be nothing more to share than memories. I guess if you look at, I’m still ‘giving’ on my birthday. I’m making memories that will last even after I’m gone. Memories that are fun, fabulous, and unique. Like me.

If you’re one of those who dismisses your birthday, it’s time to change your focus. Girl, it’s time to focus on the sparkle. I hope you will not only celebrate your special day but will celebrate YOU. Your sparkle, purpose, and presence. Embrace your life, the journey and wisdom it holds and share it with as many as possible for as long as possible.

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Michelle Bryant is an entrepreneur, nationally acclaimed award-winning artist, inspirational speaker, self-published author of four books available at most online retailers, a multi-award winning, published photographer whose work is nationally used for worldwide marketing campaigns and featured on various items including but not limited to apparel. She shines her light and speaks from her heart in an encouraging and transparent manner and offers a message of hope, healing, and victory to any who encounters her or her works. You can check out her multitude of works at:

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