Less is more

A lot of us get stuck in the mindset of more equals more. More money, more furniture, and more friends are supposed to make us complete and happier. That is not necessarily so. In many cases less is more. When I used to hear that statement I could never understand how less could be more. But as I matured I started to see life through a different lens. When I decided to down-size my living space a few months ago, I had no idea how positive that change would be. Many times in life we hold onto things, circumstances and people that no longer serve their initial purpose for entering our world. I moved from a two bedroom, two bath mobile home, into a one bedroom garden style duplex. When I first thought about moving, I didn’t want to get rid of anything, especially my two beautiful bar stools. My new place could not accommodate them. Other thoughts ran through my mind as well. Who wants to give up a larger space which rents for less than the average one bedroom apartment? Will I be able to afford a rent increase? Plus, I do not like apartment living and refuse to go back to that lifestyle. Will I find a house in my price range? So what’s a woman to do? I had a serious search on my hands.

All of my concerns were of no importance to my Master. When I stopped straddling the fence and made up my mind that I was ready to move, He stepped right in and moved me two streets from where I used to live. I had a number of reasons for wanting to move and my new garden style duplex meets all those criteria, and then some. I may have fewer bedrooms, but now I have a master suite, with a better view from my bedroom. Sure my rent increased, but so did my peace, my joy, and the number of parking spaces for guest. I have less square footage, but I’ll have more pocket money when time to pay utilities. I don’t miss anything that I gave up. When I think about it, less really is more depending upon how you frame your picture, (check out my book, “Reframing Your Picture – True Life Stories of Turning Negatives into Positives.”) As the New Year begins this is a perfect time for out with the old and in with the new.


~By: Geri Mason

(as seen in Focus on Fabulous Magazine- Winter 2015)

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