Hire a Photographer

Considering Hiring A Photographer?

What you think you’re paying for:

  • Someone to take some photos for a period of time

What you think you’re actually paying for:

  • Someone experienced in taking photos to take photos for a period of time (who arrives early, leaves late)
  • Camera and lenses
  • Flash & lighting equipment
  • Memory cards & card readers
  • CD’s, copies, mailings, etc
  • Training, practice and education
  • Fuel & travel expenses to the shoot
  • Editing time
  • Processing time
  • Promotional, printing & website costs
  • Expenses & time preparing, arranging for the shoot
  • Percentage goes to taxes
  • Insurance

Not to mention…

The payment you provide ALSO has to cover food, housing, bills & other personal expenses

Still think that offering “exposure & experience” is a fair price?

i am an artist, this does not mean i work for free – i have bills to pay too
if i wanted to work for free i’d choose to be a volunteer not a freelancer

Would you expect a teacher, plumber, carpenter, hairdresser, doctor, dentist, electrician, chef, mechanic or shop owner to work for free?

Would YOU work for free?


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