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Focus on Fabulous Magazine is a print and online publication provided by subscription only dedicated to showcasing the beauty that often goes unseen or unnoticed. Every issue celebrates today’s woman exposing to light the incredible talent, vision & tenacity that she brings to her community and even the world. It reveals the lives she touches, the obstacles she’s defeated & the difference she’s made around her.

Male or female, our goal is to move our reader’s hearts and souls through the stories, articles and beautiful images. Within its pages we hope you will find something to inspire, uplift, encourage or empower you or someone you know.

F.o.F. Magazine is proud to focus on revealing the unseen beauty & the countless miracles that are all around us each and every day. This publication brings to light and celebrates the women that somehow, in their own small corner of the globe are making a huge impact. This is their tribute and we are honored you are considering sharing in that with your contribution.