Tapestry or tangled mess?

Our lives are like a tapestry with brightly colored threads. The side we show to the world, if we are able, is the nicely woven beautifully executed needlework. However, we look at life from the back side of the tapestry. Most of the time, and what we see is loose threads, tangled knots and the like.
I spent many a day as a child learning the fine arts of needlepoint and embroidering and would look at the mess that was created on the back side as I worked on creating a masterpiece to show the world.
When creating a tapestry the goal is to have the one side be beautiful so that it can become a pillow or wall hanging. The colors are vibrant, bright and dark, light and heavy, threads of different hue and texture combine to create the vision that will be presented to the world. And so it is with us as well we choose what we will reveal and what we will hide thinking that some is acceptable and some is not.
Just as in life many times we work so hard on the outside skills that we neglect the inside skills. Our hair or nails or clothing or certifications or how our house looks might be the top of the line however we have spent so little time on ourselves on the inside that we can have difficulty connecting with another.
We can look perfect on the outside but be a mess inside. We think the inside is hidden from the world that we can be seen only from the one perspective. Fortunately, that is not the case, others can see us so much better than we can see ourselves. We are not hiding anything! Only 7 percent of our communication is the words we say the rest is non-verbal and how we carry ourselves. We broadcast who we are all the time and for those that are willing to see there are few secrets.
We need to see beyond all of our programming and disempowering beliefs that we have inside us. These can seem to be impenetrable and usually what is hidden remains hidden to us. But others do not need to pierce the curtain of our programming they have a clearer vision in.
The importance of becoming aware cannot be stressed enough and if you pay attention you will notice that your spirit or soul is always calling you to heal, to become whole. The feelings of disquiet or unrest you might be experiencing when you finally get quiet or in the middle of the night is the spirit calling you to unravel the mess inside and become whole inside and out.
You see, the people that trigger anger or sadness or envy or shame are the greatest gift we have been given. For they are the mirror of the mess inside of us they are the ones that can help us heal because they shine a light into the darkness. The darkness is what lies inside of us outside the level of awareness that we have on the conscious level. This darkness is not evil. I don’t speak of evil, but I will speak of resourceful or non-resourceful programming that we all have going on.
Getting stuck in the tangled threads of our disempowering beliefs and non-resourceful behaviors can strip years off of our life, and prevent us from becoming who we were born to be.
Begin to create the tapestry of your life so that the inside is not a knotted mess. One simple way to start is to become aware. The next time you get upset to watch yourself as you move through the experience. Watch yourself feel what you feel without judgement. Say to yourself how curious that I’m feeling this. Just watching the emotion will lessen the intensity of the emotion. Then ask yourself what lesson you were meant to learn from this experience.
A simple step like this can help you step into being a leader in your life. Being a leader allows you to create your life by design, not default.

~By: Victoria Hargis

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