the moment of impact

It is only now into my mid-fifties that I reflect on those I have known in various ways and degrees. I recall the good ones, bad ones, the ugly and mean ones, the wise, the goofs and the ones that always marched to a different drum. The impressions deposited are different and yet stand out in monumental ways nonetheless. And it occurs to mi that from our children and their friends to the grumpy neighbor, to the checkout girl at the grocery store, or our server at lunch, there are 720 minutes in a day that we may knowingly or unintentionally be impacting or dumping into someone. And it could be someone we may or may not even know. It is this knowledge that has not only led mi to the writing topic of my next book but also to accept this day 2 challenge: Tell about someone (or a group) who has had an impact on your life. That impact could be positive or negative.

I personally have been impacted in many ways by many people. But if I had to choose one person or situation that really transformed my life it would have to be Erik. If you read my first book, God, are You listening? You are familiar with Erik. My shining knight at the young impressionable age of fifteen. After all these years of growing together, sharing together it pains mi that this year Erik had an untimely and unexpected death. Which makes his impact on my life even more impressionable.

The particular moment I’d like to share with you was when I was in my late forties, going through divorce. Overweight, almost fifty. Feeling ugly and like damaged goods.

Erik and I were on Facebook messenger chatting and I relayed my mood to him. I’d been melancholy, depressed, contemplating my place in this world and my purpose on this earth. I must admit I was truly somewhere between choosing the option of Jesus coming or sleeping all day (either one sounded good to mi at the time). I was telling Erik of this when he said “Michelle, you are beautiful, talented, smart, funny. You just need to get your sexy back.” As I agreed to disagree, mid conversation he spoke the most tender words. Offered as both guidance and reassurance to mi, he said something so profound that the words rang in my soul, quenched mi even days later and eventually became the mantra for my business model. These words given so affectionately and with such compassion that days later I was still quivering when I thought of them… “Be beautiful, and let the world catch up.” Just thinking of those eight words even now – makes my heart flutter. What a wonderful way to express “do not be afraid to be yourself.”

Whatever you are going through in your life know that its OK to be YOU. I encourage you today to embrace who you are: quirky, eccentric, unconventional as you think you may be. You are still a gift from God to this world. Be bold. Be yourself. And don’t ever forget, you are beautiful. I dare you to be your own kind of beautiful. God has made YOU a gift – it’s up to the world to catch up to what you have to offer.






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