It’s time to deal with your C.R.A.P.

You may not be aware of it, but your mind is filled with C.R.A.P.—Conflicts, Resistances, Anxieties and Procrastinations. And each one of them slows you down and keeps you from performing at your best.

Here’s a great mind hack to clear the C.R.A.P. and improve your efficiency at every task you take on. Create a C.R.A.P. board.

Creating a C.R.A.P. board is easy. Find a large piece of paper or piece of poster board. Write these four statements on the board: 1) I feel conflicted about what to do about _____________; 2) I am resisting doing _____________________; 3) I feel anxious when I think about __________________; 4) I am procrastinating doing ____________________.

Take a couple deep breaths and read the first statement several times then close your eyes and sit quietly. Write down anything that comes to mind. Do not edit yourself. Just write it down. Repeat for the other three statements… (continued)

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