All New- All You

All New

All You

By: Katrina Kenney


Did you make any New Year resolutions? Did you keep them?  Did you say goodbye 2017 and HELLO to 2018?  Have you thrown up your hands saying “it’s got to get easier”?  Or I QUIT!!!


May I be honest with you? In one regard or another I have done all the above and yes even though or said that bad 4 letter word, “quit”.  Not as much now but yes I have had days when I wanted to be an Ostrich by burying my head in the sand.


A new year suggest a new slate to work with and spring allows us to renew our slate. This is the time of year I enjoy doing a few new DYI projects for our home. New pillows, new curtains, new flooring, or fresh paint on the walls etc.  How refreshing it is to walk into a room after making these small changes.  It makes me smile.   In the process, some spring cleaning has happened.  Yes, oh yes, we even find some hidden treasures along the way that we have been forgotten about.

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