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    Katrina Kinney

Fall is here, which means the air is filled with new scents, there are new flavors to taste and new colors are all around us. Holidays are fast approaching, meaning fun gatherings and parties. Have you been gaping at the new looks that are out there? Are you looking at your closet and asking yourself what you need to purchase to have fun from Christmas to Valentine’s Day? Can I go from work to festive in matter of minutes? Yes, you can!

Let’s start with a few basics that most of us have in our closet to build from. Black, white and gray are great naturals in any core wardrobe. Dress pants, skirts, jackets and dresses in black and gray for fall and winter are wonderful staples to take you from every day to after-hours activities. Add a few white and off-white shells, a white button-down shirt, a V-neck tee and a cardigan sweater. Having one or two made in lace or with accents of lace adds a touch of elegance for this season.

Adding color to these items is as easy as your shoes, handbags, scarves and jewelry. Again, accessories are the keys in changing the look of your core wardrobe. When adding accessories this season, look at the 2017 Pantone colors then pick a color or two that you like and make your list for shopping wisely!

Are you ready to break this down? Let’s take a peek in your closet. First, pull out two pairs of pants, one pair of jeans, one skirt or dress and two to three shirts in natural colors. These items must be items that you love to wear and like how they fit. Do you have a black blazer/jacket and or a denim jacket? Go ahead and pull them out and put these items on your bed or on the floor. Now take a step back and see how many outfits you can you make with these items. You should have at least nine looks—impressive!

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