“Become a Sponge” and Other Great Life Tips

“Become a Sponge” and Other Great Life Tips

By Katryna Johnson, J.D.

There is always someone around who can give you a tip for dealing with whatever is going on in your life. Here are seven of my favorite tips for a healthy, happy, and productive life.

Tip #1: Become a Sponge. Keep your mind open and keep stuffing it with new information. Absorb as much as you possibly can. Listen to what other people tell you about their struggles and their triumphs. Listen to your friends, your family, your neighbors, your pastor, your service providers—anyone you cross paths with. Write down things that stand out. Never stop learning.

Tip #2: Divide Your Earnings into Different Buckets…….Find out what Katryna has to say about this and 5 other topics in the full article here




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