Blueberry Dats

Blueberry Dats

By Cia Huston Dreves

I guess because my EEG was scheduled at lunchtime, the technician, a sweet girl named Cynthia, and I began a conversation about food. The conversation was as lengthy as the test. Inevitably it turned to southern foods and “old ways,” cornbread and greens, and—of course—southern desserts. During our discussion of cobblers, Cynthia shared the story of her family’s favorite, made exclusively by her father as a family treat called “Blueberry Dats.”

Yesterday, being a truly gray and rainy day and with no indoor tasks being of particular interest, I scanned the refrigerator with Cynthia’s Blueberry Dats in mind. Not only did I have a container of blueberries….Grab the recipe and see what else Cia has to say here



Focus on Fabulous magazine contributing writer, Cia Huston Dreves enjoyed a 37 year career in Advertising as artist and writer before retiring.  She has also written, directed and produced documentaries, published the How-To book “Find Cash in Your Kitchen” and maintains the blog, “Still Finding Cash” at

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