It Happened Last Fall

It Happened Last Fall

by Cia Huston Dreves


This time of year, we naturally associate “fall” with the season, with cooler air and warmer colors. But that’s not the direction of this message at all. I’d like to walk us through a rather serious topic: falling.


As tiny humans, falling is a natural part of learning to stand and to walk. Our little minds don’t give it a thought at all. We are down as often as we are up until, almost miraculously, one day we find ourselves up and expect that will be the norm for the remainder of our lives. Of course, there are those great life-expanding experiments—like skating and skiing and riding a bike—that occasionally threaten the status quo, but they are part of the “great adventure.” Those are the occasions that plunge us into our teenage years with a sense of fearlessness on one hand and a subconscious gratitude for the older person who kissed our boo-boos along the way on the other.


Of course, not every toddler is organically imbued……….

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