The wisdom of a man should be peppered in truth!

His thoughts should only bless, giving life,

Painted from a picture, framed from knowledge!

His every step should shake the foundation under foot,

Of a “demon”, Chief in his hierarchy!

His touch should be intimate as lover’s

Passionate about an act celebrated by the ringing

Of heavenly chimes, serenading an angels cry!

His stance should depict warrior,

Chiseled frame, etched by a genealogy,

Reminiscent of Moor‘s king!

But now my eyes deceive me from chaotic thinking of fools lost in the shuffle.

Slave tendencies plague every thought known to “MAN”!

His hopeless actions speaks volumes for the hearing impaired

So his speech, is limited to “closed caption”!

Teaching a “wood-be” fool, to be a “Fisher” of fools,

Only demonstrates the nature of the “Foolish”!

His misguided tongue has coerced young men

To be devoured by an ignorance,

Striking the resemblance to the legend of “Adam”!

Ill advised words, sputters lies to young faces

Seeking only love from their estranged heroes,

Preparing a would-be warrior, to war, there is no victory!

When your taught that your thinking is restricted to your circumstances,

Shackles mentally enslave generations to perpetuate the ’original man‘s” ignorance!

Our hopes, need be nourished by a wisdom,

Poured from the belly of Solomon,

Giving direction to footsteps

Stagnated by “same way” thinking,

Hoping “change” is coming! To embrace the nature of our shortcomings,

Humbles our movements, placing our pawns ,

Rook to bishop, Queen to Knight, “clearing the diagonal”!

Strategically bias to habits learned from youth, telling yourself,

I’ll never be like him” feeds your need for speed,

Colliding head on with self, never being taught to drive!

This frail nature, covered by an exterior, outlined in “MAN”.

Stride shortened by boyish ways that encourage dysfunction,

Bleeds into the fabric of innocence, soiled to the hem!

So why rest in decisions favored by ignorance, questioning teachings of eccentricities,

Claiming more of “God’s” children, etching scars in minds to repeat what’s played daily

Because our “Father’s” chose to desert their mistakes!

To kill the body is to the destroy the head, “MAN”!

Satan’s ploy to plunder the thinking of “MAN”

Has destroyed the interweaving of our existence,

Proving “we are as stupid as we look“!

But today, I pledge, to point my head northward

while seeking forgiveness, while changing this definition of “MAN”!

By: Christopher Johnson (as published in Focus on Fabulous Magazine- Spring 2016)

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