As women, we are born nurturers. We are created to give, to love deeply, to sacrifice, to lift up and encourage even when exhausted and even if it means losing sight of our own beauty within. There are many exceptional women in our lives and in our memories that have impacted and influenced us. Maybe just by a single small word, deed or action.

Focus on Fabulous magazine is their tribute. That’s what this magazine is all about. It is about taking time, through print, to shine light, to reveal (through our busy-ness) the unseen beauty in today’s woman, in the world around us. I hope you find some inspiration in its pages and I look forward to gleaning wisdom, impact and insight from those that contribute and submit. We all have a story, a gift and I am confident you will make an impact on my life. I hope something in the pages of Focus on Fabulous magazine will have an impact on yours.

Stay beautiful, stay you!   ~mi