Thank you for your consideration on being a regular contributor to Focus on Fabulous Magazine. Our publication is designed to celebrate everyday women and their extraordinary lives and to make note of the everyday beauty often missed in our busy-ness. We are excited to have you and your business as part of our vision.

As a result of your yearly submission, should you choose to be a regular contributor, you will be entitled to:

~ Yearly printed subscription

~ Space in EVERY issue to include by not limited to your:

                – printed and digital page submission

                – advertisement/recognition of your business

               – business name and contact information on various pages

                – website address or social media links on several platforms

Focus on Fabulous is proud to offer a non-traditional approach to advertising that assists businesses and clients to reach a whole new audience.
We reserve the right to refuse any submission to the publication that does not comply within our overall vision.

However, to continue printing costs of the publication and in exchange for your submission, you agree to contribute in the following ways:

~ to have your submission completed and submitted to the editor by the deadline given each quarter.

~ to promote, disburse and distribute Focus on Fabulous magazine to family, friends, co-workers and in your daily networking and business dealings

~  to consider becoming an affiliate of Focus on Fabulous


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