"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." Phil. 4:8

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Would you like to submit a story, writing, art or photo to “Focus on Fabulous” magazine?

Focus on Fabulous magazine is a print and digital publication provided by subscription only dedicated to showcasing the beauty that often goes unseen or unnoticed. Every issue celebrates today’s woman by bringing to light the incredible talent, vision, and tenacity she brings to her community and the world. It reveals the lives she touches, the obstacles she’s defeated and the differences she’s made around her. It is designed to encourage, empower, educate, and inspire women through stories, accolades, triumphs and challenges. Women often present themselves by who they are: as someone’s mother, daughter, wife, sister, etc. or what they do. This magazine is their chance to toot their horn, shine and share their extraordinary stories, success and strengths with the world. This is their tribute.

At Focus on Fabulous magazine we believe:

      Everyone has a story that needs to be heard

      Everything has beauty—you just have to see it

      Every day is a gift

      Empowered women are the unsung heroes of our day

What we are looking for:

Personal stories: We are currently looking for original stories and poetry that showcase a “WOW moment.” For example, a trial overcome, obstacle defeated, life is good scenario, simple pleasures, life lessons, mommy moments, taking it slow, embracing yourself, etc. Submitted work should be less than 500 words and include at least an accompanying headshot photograph. We reserve the right to pair words with other photographs if needed.

Lists or How To’s:

A few ideas include 10 Ways to Turn a Frown Upside Down, Age-Appropriate Chores for Children, and 50 Ways to compliment someone that have nothing to do with Appearance. Make it original, make it yours

Small businesses: Are you interested in sharing your small business expertise, enthusiasm and tenacity while also promoting your business? Although we are an ad-free publication we welcome advise on business mindset, financial assistance, ways you’ve overcome adversity and nay-sayers, etc. We want to celebrate not just your business but your passion as well. For more specific criteria on this topic, email fofmagazine@mail.com.

Additional information: Do you have a specific topic you enjoy talking about or have a special talent or gift? Have you experienced a random act of kindness, small gesture or something that simply made an impact on you or someone you know? DO you know a woman who is passionately driven, works in a male-dominated industry or simply is an amazing woman and deserves to be recognized? We want to know about her. Share those with us as well. We love showcasing wonderfulness, and you get to boast of being a “published writer.”

Need a bit of help getting started?: Focus on Fabulous magazine is released on a quarterly basis. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis, but submissions for specific issues must be received on or before these deadlines. In addition to other content our overall (hidden) consistent themes are as follows:

FALL: (September, October, November)- change, transformation, adjustment (Deadline July 15)

WINTER: (December, January, February)- out with the old in with the new (Deadline September 30)

SPRING: (March, April, May)- renewal, spring cleaning, new growth (Deadline January 15)

SUMMER: (June, July, August) – fun, frolic, color, happiness (Deadline March 15)


We also welcome submissions on:

Stories of Self-Love or Self Awareness,

Acts of Kindness

Poetry (either written by you or “about” you)

Freedom of Letting Go



All submissions MUST be sent digitally to fofmagazine@mail.com. We cannot be responsible for any submissions that come from any other medium.  You WILL get a reply that we have received your submission so if you send it and do not hear back that means we did NOT receive it. General articles should be between 300-500 words (no more than 700).

Please provide at least two images ATTACHED to the email in addition to your head shot. NOTE: do NOT imbed photo in your word document. Please note that to be accepted for publication, photographs and illustrations must be high resolution (300 dpi at least 6×6 in size). Acceptable formats are: JPEG, TIFF and PDF. Please include your name and mailing address clearly written with all submissions. Your mailing address is needed so a complimentary issue can be sent to you once your submission is published. Additional copies may be purchased by you online. For multiple copies over six a discount may be available. Email fofmagazine@mail.com to see if you qualify. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your work not being considered.

NOTE: Often a submission may be better suited for an upcoming issue. Focus on Fabulous magazine reserves the right to edit, rewrite, refuse or reuse material submitted. We prefer work that has not been previously submitted in other printed or online publications and reserve the right to make that choice.