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Alesa Arnett

Alesa is a proud retired Air Force Medic.  She has been married to her best friend for 30 years, enjoys her three beautiful kids, two grandsons, and visits with her Mom.  She is now a very part-time Women’s Coaching Specialist, finally claiming to be ‘retired’, and living life peacefully.

Shay Bradham

Shay Bradham is a Trekkie who loves coffee and also writes books. She is the author of the book, Hello, Gorgeous! Welcome to the Sisterhood of Badassery!

Carrie Boan

As an EI Expert, Certified Brain Health, and Certified Life Coach, I am a consultant to healthcare and educational leaders, law enforcement – the helpers of our world.  Through my unique yet simple Emotional Intelligence strategies, leaders and staff learn to direct their thoughts, words, and actions for effective communication, improved situational outcomes, employee/client retention, and burnout prevention.

Angele Gerten

Angele Gerten is a financial advisor who loves teaching people how money works & creating lifetime relationships with her clients as they work towards their financial goals together. She focuses on a variety of areas including debt elimination strategies, establishing a budget & an emergency fund as well as investing for the future.  A Michigan native, Angele has traded in the snow skis for a surfboard and loves living in sunny South Carolina with her husband and two amazing sons.

K Crystal Griffith

Crystal’s mission is to activate medical mom warrior entrepreneurs with business strategies from the waiting rooms, holistic tools for kingdom health, and community keep them connected on their medical journey. She is a Dual Certified Inner Healing Practitioner, Business Coach and Challenges Consultant to help others who want to use virtual events to advance their reach.

Taffy Hawkins

Dr. Taffy Hawkins is an avid writer, researcher, author, speaker, and performance expert. She holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology specializing in Sport and Performance Psychology, a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science and certifications in life coaching and mental performance mastery. She began her journey into personal development when struggles in her own life left her asking how she might experience more success, adventure, and appreciation in life without compromising her mental health. This journey brought her to coaching and eventually a great career in helping others maximize their own lives. Her fourteen years of teaching, coaching, and writing have allowed her to help many individuals overcome the mental blocks that prevent performance at the highest level. Taffy has also authored six books on various topics to help readers experience greater physical, mental, and spiritual growth. When she is not helping others become their best self, she enjoys reading, writing, sports, traveling with her family and daydreaming about her next adventure.

Trina Johnson

Katryna Johnson, J.D., aka Trina, owns Mirelli Entrepreneur Training for Women. Her passion for helping women came from seeing her law clients broken and demoralized after divorce. She helps women build confidence, take responsibility, and launch businesses. She wholeheartedly believes women who help other women succeed will change the world. 

Treneice McNeil

Treneice Mcneil is a health and wellness coach and owner of C.U.T.I.E Fitness LLC. Which stands for Couragous, Uplift, triumph, inspire, and Encourage. Treneice holds multiple health and wellness certificationS including Ace Certified Personal trainer, NASM certified nutrition coach, certified behavior change specialist to name a few.

When Treneice isn’t coaching she loves traveling, reading books, spending in nature and hanging out with her 2 daughters!

Contact Treneice for all of your health and wellness needs at treneicemcneil@cutiefitness.com also follow her on Instagram at bodiedbytricey

Beth Peterson

Beth is a single mom, empty nester, preacher’s kid, queen of hot flashes, cook, reader, lover of office supplies, and now…Restoration Coach and owner of Counter Talks w/Beth.  After two divorces, 3 kids, years of  single parenthood, kids flying the coop, the real estate crash, and losing her mom, Beth is driven to make sure other women are not left to navigate this time of their lives alone. Her love of journaling, cooking, and entertaining gives her coaching, retreats, and events a unique twist.  Many women going through midlife or empty nest feel stagnant or left behind.  Beth provides a safe space and teaches four habits that allow them to move freely into their next journey…and to eat, drink, and be badass throughout the journey! 

Dr. Ellisha Wells

Dr. Ellisha Wells is a health, wellness, and fitness professional who seeks to help women achieve personal health and happiness. She is the Founder and CEO of Fitness Slayers!®, LLC, which provides services focusing on physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health to women in the Tampa Bay Area. Dr. Wells is also the author of two fitness journals, The Fiercely Fit Woman and Strong Sustenance, where women are encouraged by fitness affirmations and Biblical motivations to keep track of their food and exercise intake.

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