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Michelle Bryant

focus on fabulous magazine CEO/founder

Michelle Bryant is multi-talented and multi-faceted. She is an entrepreneur, owner and CEO of Focus on Fabulous, LLC, a creative digital and print media company that encourages, inspires, motivates and educates its client as well as liberates and challenges them to step out of their comfort zones and awaken themselves to the possibilities of what lies within that freedom. As well, Michelle is an artist, inspirational speaker, self-published author of five books, and a nationally published multi-award winning photographer. Through these venues she shines her light and speaks from her heart in an encouraging and transparent manner about her childhood and adolescence of abuse, a struggled marriage and the trials, tribulations and emotional damages occurred; yet offers a message of hope, healing, victory and empowerment.
Her multitude of works can be found at: www.divinelyfocused.com

L. Shay Bradham

L. Shay Bradham, provides “Lady Bits” on a continuous basis to Focus on Fabulous magazine. She is a mother of three, writer, publisher, author, and entrepreneur. Through her books, she helps business professionals serve other people while creating more free time and money for themselves. Contact Shay at: LShayBradham@gmail.com

Cia Huston Dreves

Cia Huston Dreves now retired in the Florida panhandle, enjoyed a 37 year career in Advertising as artist and writer. She has also written, directed and produced documentaries, published the How-To book “Find Cash in Your Kitchen” and maintains the blog, “Still Finding Cash” at blogspot.com.”

Katryna Johnson, J.D.

trina Johnson

Katryna Johnson, J.D., aka Trina, owns Mirelli Entrepreneur Training for Women. Her passion for helping women came from seeing law clients broken and demoralized after divorce. She helps women build confidence, take responsibility, and launch businesses. Find out more at: http://Mirellietc.com

Katrina Kenney

Katrina Kinney is Personal Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant since 2000.  She attended St. Johns River Community College, and has taken courses in both business and fashion design.  In 2008, she started coordinating spring fashion shows informing audiences of upcoming styles.
Katrina transplanted to Goose Creek, SC from in 1993 with her husband David and 3 children. Contact her at: 843-442-8749
,  katrinalovnherjewels@gmail.com ,  katrinadavid.mypremierdesigns.com

Lorrie Mathews

Lorrie is the creator of Bella Daye boutique and is helping others to achieve their healthy skin goals with all natural bath and body products. Lorrie also operates “leave it to Lorrie” where she helps others to create web sites and also offers web hosting and site management for those who desire to create their own web sites. You can learn more at: belladaye.com or leaveittolorrie.com

Robin Nazon

Robin Nazon is an Independent Associate with Legalsheild since 1998. She takes pride in providing exceptional  customer service to her  clients. Robin often goes above and beyond the norm to make surw her customers are satisfied. Contact Robin atContact Dr. Simm at: 843.437.0543 or legalshield.com/hub/rnazon

Lynnette Simm

“Dr. Lynnette Simm, who earned degrees in psychology and education, has been an educator for nearly twenty years. She has worked in corporate training, taught from preschool to graduate school, written curriculum for all age groups, worked on college accreditation, and served as the general education coordinator at a private college. Dr. Simm also worked on behalf of teachers as she created and facilitated professional development seminars. She has been a professional contributor and freelance editor for several books. She is the author of “And the Day Came”, an inspirational memoir published in 2016. Contact Dr. Simm at: drlms96@gmail.com

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