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L. Shay Bradham

L. Shay Rockhold, provides “Lady Bits” on a continuous basis to Focus on Fabulous magazine. She is a mother of three, writer, publisher, author, and entrepreneur. Through her books, she helps business professionals serve other people while creating more free time and money for themselves.

Contact Shay at: LShayBradham@gmail.com

Jamila Callwood

Jamila Callwood is originally from St.Thomas, Virgin Islands but now lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, mother, daughter and son. Army veteran, now entrepreneur Jamila’s many years of management and leadership experience, education, and certifications has helped her to coach and mentor others.

Email her at phenomenalservices@mail.com

Cia Huston Dreves

Cia Huston Dreves now retired in the Florida panhandle, enjoyed a 37 year career in Advertising as artist and writer. She has also written, directed and produced documentaries, published the How-To book “Find Cash in Your Kitchen” and maintains the blog,

“Still Finding Cash” at blogspot.com.”

Geri Mason

Geri Mason, an author and motivational speaker began her search for deeper meaning and purpose for her life after a breast cancer diagnosis at age 30. Her work has been published for over fifteen years. For more information on

Geri Speaks go to: www.gerispeak.com

Katryna Johnson, J.D.

Katryna Johnson, J.D., aka Trina, owns Mirelli Entrepreneur Training for Women. Her passion for helping women came from seeing law clients broken and demoralized after divorce. She helps women build confidence, take responsibility, and launch businesses.

Find out more at http://Mirellietc.com

Hadassah Levenson

Hadassah moved to Charleston, 12 years ago, from Brooklyn, New York where she had a long career as a real estate broker/owner, investor, property manager. She helps folks understand the elements in financial planning, think about and establish their goals and be ready for emergencies in life.

She can be reached at: hrothenberglevenson@financialguide.com

Prisilla Griffin

Prisilla Griffin resides in Charleston, SC. She is a single parent and proud mother of three boys. She has conquered domestic violence and overcome many obstacles in her life. The first in her family to own a business, she has eight years of medical experience background, and is currently a licensed esthetician, and owner of Red Carpet Day Spa located in Moncks Corner. Although specializing in skin care, she also provides local mobile services for make-up and lash extensions available for any occasion.

Email her at: Redcarpetdayspa@yahoo.com

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