Embrace Obstacles

 Embrace obstacles

Most of us don’t like obstacles. In fact, change, confrontation anything that makes us uncomfortable is often avoided at any cost. But change is inevitable. We are destined to grow in various ways and growing pains are uncomfortable. But eventually, we DO grow from a child to a woman, from single to married, perhaps become a parent or a widow. Our lives are ever evolving and change although unavoidable is as difficult as it is constant. In fact, it often messes up our natural order of things.

embrace obstacles

Obstacles, especially unexpected ones can really pour havoc on our lives. But what if I told you that your struggle today is proving your story, your strength for tomorrow. Obstacles are the path. We simply need to alter the way we view them.

If we embrace the obstacle, accept it, get through it, deal with it and overcome it, we end up realizing that we are stronger than we imagined, better equipped than we thought and that there was a fighter in us all along. Obstacles are there to help us determine what is worth fighting for.

We all have endured pain, struggled with fear, change, even run from conflicts and confrontation. My story is not worse or more difficult than yours, it’s just different. We all know there will be troubles in our lives. What separates us from others is how we tackle those plights. I encourage you to view your obstacle as a stepping stone to something greater. Change your thoughts from, “Why is this happening to me?” to “I wonder what wonderful thing is going to come from this?” Because something will. Find peace, a voice, a warrior inside of yourself. Look at the obstacle as a plot twist in the story of your life and make the necessary adjustments.

Girl, it’s time to focus on the sparkle. The strength comes from what gets you through what you thought you couldn’t. Every defeat, heartbreak, loss or failure contains its own seed. I encourage you to embrace your obstacles. Water them with willpower, perseverance, stamina, charisma, and enthusiasm. Yes, be eager to embrace whatever comes your way. This change in attitude will expose a new you that was perhaps buried, and you will witness the growth as it sprouts.

Only by embracing your obstacles can you then be proud that you have conquered and defeated the giant, you have become a warrior and you are more prepared than ever for the next obstacle. Only then can your story continue evolving the way it was intended.

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Michelle Bryant is an entrepreneur, nationally acclaimed award-winning artist, inspirational speaker, self-published author of five books available at most online retailers, a multi-award winning, published photographer whose work is nationally used for worldwide marketing campaigns and featured on various items including but not limited to apparel. She shines her light and speaks from her heart in an encouraging and transparent manner and offers a message of hope, healing, and victory to any who encounters her or her works. You can check out her multitude of works at: www.divinelyfocused.com.

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