Focus on a beautifully designed life!

Focus on a beautifully designed life!

By: Betsy Hayden

Spring has sprung, and we think of ourselves as being as “busy” as a bee. In my coaching practice I often hear my clients say they are “busy, so busy to busy” The question I ask them but are you scheduled & productive. When you are asked to chair an event do you say you are “to busy”?  A better answer is Let me check my schedule.  If your schedule is on your phone WAIT and check it at home where you can look at your time line for the next 3 months. By doing this you have bought yourself some time to evaluate whether or not this fits in with your goals or you can help in a smaller way. Anticipate that there will be urgencies and emergencies leave some time in your schedule for that when they don’t happen you have bought yourself time to be pro active in your business. Make that call to have coffee with a potential client or team member, follow up with people you have met out networking.  I have to share this little story with you.  I often meet business owner out and of course I want to find out what they do.  In learning about this business, I may mentor them to some extent on the spot.  Often, I receive the “I’m too busy to do that”.  Oh! Ok, and then I move on.  Of course we connect on Facebook and in about two weeks I receive a message to pick cabbage with them.  Not Jacksons’ and Grants’ kind of cabbage. Nor the kind you can eat, but the VIRTUL kind of cabbage!  Seriously! You told me you were busy, so busy, too busy to grow yourself and your business.

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