The Me in the Mirror

The Me in the Mirror

By: Cia Huston Dreves

Many people look forward to Spring as the time when it appears that all things are made new.  Grasses green up.  Trees leaf out.  Flowers bloom and it seems that our world is painted with a new pallet.  In addition to the world around us, we begin a transformation as well.  We trade sweaters for lighter tops, heavy shoes for sandals.  We open windows and look forward to a utility bill devoid of charges for either heat or air conditioning.  We might even change our nail color or hair color or shades of make-up to reflect the newness of the season.

But in that newness, that change of seasons, we find that time marches on.  It does not back-up to begin itself again.  The years do tick away.  Sometimes we hardly notice.  Sometimes it hits us like a ton of bricks.  Often it isn’t the actual passage of time that we notice but the adjustments and alteration to the events in our lives.  We notice the children are taller.  Another birthday comes and goes. There are graduations, empty nests, weddings and funerals.  And at some point, each of has remarked that we have no idea where the time has gone.  What a strange remark considering that we have been present for the passage of every single day, every single minute.

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