Positive journey towards growth

Today is a different kind of day. Although a genuinely positive person with a positive influence, I want you to take a moment and think of a negative experience in your life. Look back. Now take a second to notice if there was anything positive that came out of that experience in any form. Was there any growth catapulted because of the hardship or life lesson?

We are acutely aware that we can not control much of what happens in our lives regarding pain, trauma and hurt. We also know that despite our druthers, we WILL experience pain and upset at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, it is inevitable.

But there IS good news.

In every situation, circumstance and mishap you experience in life, you CAN control your attitude and your mindset. If you look closely, many of our tumultuous times can be overthrown if we look to find something positive in the face of tragedy.

During a storm, it may be difficult to see the good, the “reason”, the lesson that will eventually arrive in due time but if we have a positive attitude the negativity we experience will become better. If we focus on the undesirable and have a bad attitude the problem and negativity will only become worse. As well, this mindset seeps over into our relationships and dealings with others and can infect every aspect of our life.

Do not let negative experiences limit you but allow them to lead you to growth, new opportunities, and breakthrough.

Make the choice to turn bad experiences into positive prospects.

Girl, it’s time to focus on the sparkle in our lives that surround us if we will only take the moment to look. So, the next time you find yourself at a moment you’d rather not endure, remind yourself that you are on the cusp of an opportunity to grow and experience something better than you imagined. Prepare for take off! You are embarking on an exciting journey.

© c. michelle bryant Michelle Bryant is an entrepreneur, nationally acclaimed award-winning artist, inspirational speaker, self-published author of five books available at most online retailers, a multi-award winning, a published photographer whose work is nationally used for worldwide marketing campaigns and featured on various items including but not limited to apparel. She shines her light and speaks from her heart in an encouraging and transparent manner and offers a message of hope, healing, and victory to any who encounters her or her works. You can check out her multitude of works at www.divinelyfocused.com.

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